With a prestigious 180-year history, the National Lancers is a ceremonial cavalry troop in the Massachusetts Organized Militia. While the National Lancers have served in 17 campaigns in the Civil War and World War I, it is now a ceremonial cavalry organization that participates in parades, patriotic events such as the reenactment of the rides of Paul Revere and William Dawes and other events.


The troop is stationed at Camp DiCarlo, Framingham, Massachusetts where it maintains an active training schedule. Weekly drills are held on the parade field in order to maintain our horsemanship, drill and discipline. The National Lancers are justly proud of the unit’s history, traditions and service to the Commonwealth and nation. 

WCVB5: 5 for Good Segment

Local Teenagers joined the Framingham Police to repair an old fence at the farm of the National Lancers. 

Thank You to all of the Volunteers, Home Depot, Lowe's, Local Donors and the Framingham Police Dept. for their help in making this happen!